Lou Lanni is “from here” and has always been of service to those in his community, as a police officer, a small businessman, and now he wants to serve the Philadelphia and Delco area as a congressman.

Born at Temple University Hospital, Lou is the son of a Teamsters union official. He grew up in the Northeast and graduated from George Washington High School. After such a good experience as a newborn at Temple, Lou returned to Temple University for college. 

During his time on North Broad, Lou was recruited to join the 250th class of the Philadelphia Police Academy, and Lou officially joined the Force in March 1981.

Officer Lanni patrolled the 35th District and after serving in various other assignments throughout Philadelphia, Lou was posted to the elite Highway Patrol. Lou received a number of commendations as a police officer, including Officer of the Month, and the PPD’s highest Commendation for Valor. The Commendation was for “an extraordinary act of courage, without regard to personal safety, while engaged in actual combat with an armed and dangerous adversary.”

The short story is, Officer Lanni interrupted an armed robbery. The store owner was already shot and killed while holding his baby when Lou arrived. Lou gave chase and ended up in a gunfight with the 2 perpetrators before making the arrest. Lou took 2 dangerous criminals off the street, helped uncover more weapons, and solved 12 additional armed robberies that those men committed throughout the city.

Medical issues incurred while serving as a police officer eventually led him to have to leave the PPD at the end of 1992. He has since made a career in real estate, got married, and moved to Folcroft in the heart of Delco. Real estate has taken Lou all over Philadelphia and Delaware County. He got to meet the people in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia, and from Ridley Park to Radnor.

Lou knows what the neighbors in Pennsylvania’s 5th care about because he knows every inch of it. He knows what the union worker worries about, and what the single mom who needs an affordable home worries about. Lou knows what our first responders need first hand, Lou Lanni is from here, he has always lived here, and he will always serve here.

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