No student in the United States should be denied access to a first class education that prepares them for a bright and successful future. Sadly, too many schools lack the resources to make this a reality. Too much of the time, some schools fail to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills required to succeed in an ever competitive world. In some cases, there are schools in our district that graduate less than 50% of the student body.

In addition, many schools are old, antiquated and in serious disrepair. They are not conducive to a quality education experience.

I can think of no other goal more important than preparing the students of America with an educational experience that allows them to achieve great things, and realize the full bounty of the American Dream. I pledge to focus much needed resources into our schools and our students. 


I fully support a woman's right to choose and the Roe vs Wade decision.  Period.


I believe in the dignity and worth of every individual and the equal application of our laws to all persons. That includes members of the LGBTQ community. Sadly, in some states and US territories the LGBTQ community can lose their jobs or housing, and be denied other protections that are guaranteed to many others through superseding federal statutes. I will vigorously support and push for a closing of omissions in federal rights and other statutes that will extend protections of the law to the LGBTQ community.


There is no denying that climate change now exists in our world, and much of it is caused by the consumption of fossil fuels and the pollution they produce. It is a fact that our economy and national security is directly tied to the availability of abundant and affordable fuel. Just as true is the notion that we must develop new sources of fuel that do not cause the catastrophic deterioration of our environment that will bring about the destruction of our way of life and security.

For the present, access to abundant and affordable fossil fuels is a necessity. Where ever possible and feasible,  we must provide for the current energy needs of our society that are domestically available to us. At the same time, we must, with a true sense of urgency, develop sources of energy that do not harm our health, ecology and atmosphere.
We know that Wind, solar and nuclear power can play a big role in this effort, and must develop the technology that makes these sources viable alternatives.

Further, we know that advances in our domestic efforts to bring down harmful fossil fuel emissions are headed in the right direction, but countries such as China are rapidly increasing their harmful emissions. It does no good to drive down our harmful emissions if others are taking us in the opposite direction.

Urgent efforts must be undertaken within the world community to bring such catastrophic deterioration of our atmosphere  to an end. The United States can lead in this effort, but cannot go it alone. There is no denying the fact that the future of the world depends on a fullcourt press to reverse the damage now being done.


Those who unlawfully possess guns, use guns in the commission of crimes, and those persons who provide them to those who do cause the most harm on the streets of America. These are the types of crimes that should be vigorously investigated and prosecuted, and upon conviction  should be dealt with serious penalties. Many of these offenses are currently misdemeanors and should be felonies, requiring serious sentences

We all know that certain persons may not possess a firearm. Criminals and persons with mental health issues among them.This is as it should be. Yet, there are "legal" loopholes that allow such persons to evade existing background checks.

I fully support universal background checks that close loopholes such as gun show purchases, and wherever possible merge known mental health issues into these checks in a lawful and responsible manner that ensures that these verifications have the needed teeth in them to protect the public.